Creative Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a key period in the student calendar. In addition to providing welcome respite from a busy academic schedule, the chance to see loved ones and friends once again usually comes at just the right time. The problem is, that pushing the boat out on gifts for your nearest and dearest can be a little tricky for students these days, especially if you have been putting your studies in front of your part time job.

Although we know that Almero Student Mansions residents tend to enjoy the finer things in life, finances can be tough at Christmas for the best of us. With this in mind, we have profiled some of our favourite cheap and inexpensive Christmas gifts in the hope this helps to lighten the load and allow you to get some great presents for those you love.

Magnetic Wristband

If you’re looking for a cheap Christmas gift for that someone special who loves a bit of DIY or handy work around the house, then you could do a lot worse than this magnetic wristband. As tacky as it may sound, this is a guide to unusual Christmas gifts after all and this is one that the lucky recipient will undoubtedly make use of all year round.

Android Mega Drive Controller

If you have a gamer in the family but can’t quite stretch to a brand-new X-Box or PS4 title, then why not go for this great little retro gadget. Modern technology is such that you can ow fit every game ever made for consoles such as Mega Drives or Super Nintendo onto your smartphone without getting anywhere near the end of your memory.

With this Sega Smartphone Controller, you can play all the classics on your phone but without having to use the fiddly on-screen controls. Play just like they did on the nineties, this inexpensive Christmas gift I sure to provide hours of enjoyment.

Spreadable Gin

We all have a friend or family member who is an absolute gin fiend. Why not go further than the customary bottle of Bombay Sapphire and go for this epically unusual Christmas gift, spreadable gin! It has been made using award-winning gin and a marmalade style preserve.

The beauty of this cheap Christmas present is that you can eat, drink or even bake with it making it truly versatile and perfect if you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves a tipple and bit of a laugh at the same time.

3 in 1 Lens Set

It isn’t a night out without a suitable selection of selfies and snaps of your exploits, now is it? If you’re looking for an inexpensive Christmas gift for the leader of the pack, the one who takes responsibility for all things photographic, then this may well be perfect.

The Smartphone 3 in 1 lens set contains wide angle, fish eye and macro lenses and these can be fitted with ease to your android or iPhone, wherever you are. This will allow you to take even better shots of you and your friends, whether you’re on campus, out and about on a night out or even just mooching through town.

Five Go Gluten Free

Do you have one of those friends who just loves to talk about the fact they’re gluten free? We’re sure you do and that you have a great time winding them up for just that. If so, this silly book, based on an Enid Blyton classic could go down very well indeed.

You can personalise the book with the recipient’s name and also add your own message too as an added touch, meaning you can take the mickey in any way you like. This is a pretty cheap Christmas gift at around £15 and would be perfect if you’re in a secret Santa or if you just want a present that mixes humour and a bit of personalisation.

Merry Christmas from Almero Student Mansions

We’re pretty sure you should find the perfect unusual and thrifty Christmas gift in this guide, but if not, you could do a lot worse than looking at sites such as PrezzyBox and GettingPersonal. If you found this resource useful, then be sure to take a look around the rest of the Almero blog where we cover everything form exam advice to the best student bars in your local area.

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