Common questions about Exeter University

As a trusted provider of quality Exeter student accommodation, we receive a lot of questions about the city and university. Whilst we’re not academics, we certainly know a thing or two from our time spent making sure that Exeter students have the best time in their housing. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular questions in one place, but if there’s anything else you’d like to know please do get in touch!

Is Exeter a top university? Where is Exeter ranked in the world?

Put simply, yes! Exeter was recently placed tenth in the 2020 Guardian University League Table . It boasts an 85% score in terms of students who find graduate level jobs or are in further education at a professional of higher education level within six months of graduating.

Is Exeter Uni part of the Russell Group?

Exeter is a Russell Group university. This means that it belongs to a collection of 24 world-class, research-intensive universities. You can be sure of the highest quality teaching from experts in their fields, who are engaged not only in student learning but also continuing research to develop their areas of study.

Is Exeter a good place to live?

We’re biased, because we’re proud of the quality student accommodation we provide, but we believe it’s an amazing city to spend time in. The people are friendly, the views are incredible, and the lifestyle can be affordable. We developed our student housing in Exeter with the aim of improving your experience. There are communal areas to encourage socialising, gorgeous designed environments and all of the amenities required to make your life as easy at possible!

What is Exeter Uni famous for?

Exeter is renowned for excellent student satisfaction, world-class teaching and research, and stunning scenery. It combines academic excellence with the buzz of student life in a gorgeous city. We’re proud to offer quality accommodation to help this place feel like home for the duration of your course.

How far is Exeter from London?

On average, a train between the two cities takes 3 hours 21 minutes. There are, however, faster trains which run at 2 hours 9 minutes! All of our student accommodation has been planned with convenience in mind, so whether it’s quick access to lectures or starting a longer journey back to your family home, you’ll be well placed to start from Almero.

Exeter is a fantastic city to live in, and prestigious university to study at. We know this from the students who enjoy living in our Exeter Uni accommodation. They enjoy the safety of coming home to a clean environment where they can build a community, and comfortably live whatever version of uni life they’re after. Everyone creates their own university experience, but we believe having the right place to call home is what lets you do that successfully.