Christmas party games to play at university

As we head firmly into December, the time may well have come for you to start thinking about your Christmas celebrations at university. In the series of festive guides we’re bringing to you throughout December, we take a break from our usual topical and academic news to give you our tips on the very best Christmas party games to play at university.

With many students across the country not heading back home until the weekend just before Christmas Day, there is ample time for festive celebrations once your studies are done for the year and this means plenty of time for Christmas party games too! These are all perfect for student house parties, gathering with friends back at home or even to play with your nearest and dearest when you return home for the festive break.


Christmas Games for 2017

Although we have been careful to do some thorough research regarding the best Christmas party games to play at university, something we have discovered is that people love tradition. Not much has changed over the years in terms of the fun Christmas games people love; with the exception, perhaps of board games.

Christmas Charades

It may seem like the obvious suggestion, but there is a reason this game has been played for hundreds of years. There is no better time to play charades than Christmas when everyone is feeling the top of their game. One of the world’s most widely played group games, charades never disappoints and by giving it a bit of a Christmas theme you can ensure this one feels super festive. And what’s more, because we are feeling very Christmassy here at Almero we have even found this great Christmas Charades list to get your game started!

Pin The Nose On The Rudolph

Admittedly a festive rip-off of pin the nose on the donkey, but hey it’s Christmas. This game is played exactly the same as its more established counterpart but you and your housemates can have all sorts of fun creating a Rudolph that is fit for purpose. Add to this one some booze and music and this game may not be quite as childish as you remember. Just be careful when spinning your friends around and make sure you are there to catch them when they inevitably take a festive tumble.
This one is probably best played with around eight of you, as you can all have a good go and have multiple rounds in order to establish who is indeed the pin the nose of the Rudolph champion. This group game is likely to create a laugh a minute as you see some of the hilarious places you and your tipsy mates end up sticking Rudolph’s nose.


Two Truths And A Lie – Christmas

When it comes to fun Christmas games, this one has a little bit of poetic license but we have had a go here at Almero HQ and think it could be a winner. This is usually a belter of a group game so there is no reason this can’t be the perfect Christmas game for you and your friends and family.
The idea is that you ask your guests to come up with a total of three Christmas gifts. Two of the Christmas gifts must be gifts that the guest has actually received in the past whereas one is designed to bamboozle the other participants; a red herring if you will. Everyone else should then try to guess which Christmas gift is a lie, which could be easy or very difficult depending on how sly the “liar” has been.

So, say that you have stated that you got some football tickets, a trip to France and a snow globe for Christmas. Janine guesses that Rebecca hasn’t received a trip to France for Christmas, but she’s wrong. Rebecca surprisingly has never been gifted a snow globe during the holidays.
Although you can’t really spice this one up by forfeiting your presents, that would be somewhat harsh, you could make things a bit more frantic by turning this one into a drinking game, perfect for any student Christmas parties this winter.
We think all of our suggestions sound like great fun and there are of course hundreds of other games you can play this Christmas, you could even have a go at making up your own and the best bit is that all of these games are virtually free.

Have a great time trying our Christmas games to play at university and make sure you come back to the Almero Student Mansions blog soon to check out more festive pieces like this one and of course, more of our ever-popular student news articles. Have a Merry Christmas!