Best student travel agents to use this summer

As all students across the UK will be delighted to hear, the dreaded exam season is drawing to a close, and many of you will now have your sights firmly set on a summer of fun and relaxation. If you have just completed your first year then you have some far more gruelling periods of study ahead of you. If you are about to enter your final year then dissertations and revision are about to become more important than ever. So, why not take advantage of a well-earned summer break. In this instalment, we have investigated the best student travel agents to use this summer, when booking your all-important trip away.

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What Is The Best Student Travel Agency?

Believe it or not, there isn’t a fantastic range of student travel agencies available. So, if this is the route you choose for booking your student flights and accommodation, here are a few that may be worth your consideration.

STA Travel – These guys really specialise in gap years and have built up a reputation as one of the best when it comes to round the world journeys, tours, insurance, and allowing students to get all the discounts they are entitled to.

However, they are experts at finding students the best deals and may well have the best options with regards to the best flights and excursions, especially if you are going away for an extended period of time. You can perform a search directly on their website, so why not try your dates and preferred destination on the site to see what STA have available?

Student Universe – Perhaps more appropriate for the smaller trips, but less reputable than STA Travel is Student Universe. This is effectively a travel search engine designed for students and has a chic and modern design. The site has been designed with you in mind, and also has some cool features for students looking for a no expense spared trip away. You can use your student discount but that isn’t really the purpose of the site. It’s all about finding you the perfect summer holiday anywhere on the globe.

You can also download their app to your phone or just search for the ideal student holiday on their website.

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How Do I Find The Best Student Flights?

When looking for student flights, STA Travel and Student Universe are again very good bets. They have dedicated flights pages and, as mentioned, they have good reputations for finding the best student discounts on flights. If these searches are fruitless then there is no reason why you can’t stick to some of the more established travel sites such as SkyScanner. They have regular deals and their search engine is thought to the best in the industry. They were one of the first aggregators to search all companies for the best times and prices. Their news section is also full of the latest updates on where students should be travelling to in summer 2017 and why.

Can I Easily Get Student Discount On Flights?

The websites mentioned will help ensure you get the student discount on flights that you deserve, as dedicated student travel companies are often able to broker the best deals online. This can be a great way to ensure you can enjoy the finer things in life when you are away on opulent dinners, and long nights out. It is worth taking advantage of these deals as you may well find these flights are more convenient for you, depending which part of the country you are travelling from. If you are looking to take things up a notch in terms of luxury and sophistication then you may want to check out the latest deals from Save The Student.

We really do hope you have a summer to remember and wish you all the luck in the world with the rest of your exams, and of course your results. Don’t forget to take a look at the student properties we have available in Bristol, Nottingham and Exeter for the next academic year if you are looking for some accommodation with that extra touch of class!