How the New Year can make you a better person


As the January blues set in across the United Kingdom and indeed, pretty much anywhere following the festive season; thousands of us will be looking to make some changes in the New Year. The early months of the year are infamous for resolutions and promises of healthier, more fulfilling times, but just how can we ensure we see this through and ensure they are more than the usual damp squibs?

Although we are all most likely pretty comfortable with the individuals we are, New Year can help us to become better versions of ourselves; particularly with regard to health and academic pursuit. A new year often presents itself as a fresh start for everyone, not just students. However, the impact it could have on you and your final results are often underestimated. With just a few simple changes, one can make some real progress from this perspective and boost not only the way they feel but very possible their grades as a result. With the early stages of 2017 being vital for many courses at universities and colleges across the country, now could be the best possible time to give your mind, body and studies a much-needed shot in the arm. Follow these quick tips and you might just find you are able to stick to each new year resolution and reap the benefits for years to come.

Choose a Gym you will love

At the heart of any new year regime is of course, health. In order to get into the desired shape, it is very important to choose a gym or health club that you will want to attend regularly. As we all know, the hardest part of adhering to a health programme is actually getting to the gym and being a member of one you enjoy being at is crucial to this. There are all sorts of gyms out there, from urban boxing gyms, female friendly gyms with a comprehensive range of classes and exclusive and sophisticated health clubs which may cost a bit more but allow you to train in nicer surroundings. So, depending on where you are likely to be most comfortable, this is a very important decision. You can read up on the various gyms and their deals at reputable review site sites such as MoneySavingExpert and voucher sites like Groupon. These will show you the most popular choices and deals in your area. If you aren’t keen on a regular membership, you can also see the best pay as you train deals in your region by having a look around at Select the perfect place to exercise and ensure you get there between three to five times a week and you are bound to feel immeasurably better as you head out of the winter and into spring. Not only will you look great but as we all know, regular exercise has such a great impact on your mind, leaving you feeling like your quest to becoming a better person is well on track.

gym equipment

Plan effectively

The key to your fresh start and ensuring your new year resolutions are more than just a pipe dream is planning. If you think that your studies and health are automatically going to improve without setting realistic targets, then you are unfortunately mistaken. Although it may seem like an obvious life hack and route to becoming a better person, a well thought out and achievable plan is the key. Why not write down your academic goals and health targets and set yourself bite size targets both from a weekly and monthly perspective? This will not only organise your efforts, but also mean that your final goal seems far less daunting and the chances of you giving up will be dramatically reduced.

Face your challenges

Often, the most important part of any effort to achieve your new year resolution and become a better person is accepting your weaknesses and not living in denial any longer. We all have areas for improvement and these do not make us bad people, so accepting this and cracking on with your plan is hardest but most important part of your overall plan.
Whether you are looking to drink less alcohol, give up smoking or attend more seminars and lectures; now is the time to just accept this and make a start. Many people also make the mistake of thinking they need to go from one extreme to the other and cut these vices out instantly. This works for some people but not many, so if you think this is going to a bridge too far, then look to our previous life hack and plan things properly and ween yourself off the things on your life you want to stamp out. This could be eradicating one night out a week or switching to e-cigarettes instead of the traditional cigarettes before taking that final step. Work out what you think you will be able to achieve and combine this with the lifestyle changes to give you a more positive outlook and we believe you will start to feel better extremely quickly.

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Improve your surroundings

Something that can help tie all of this together, is improving your surroundings and rewarding yourself for your efforts. When you achieve a short-term goal then you should celebrate in some way, this could be some retail therapy or a few casual drinks with your friends (but not an all-nighter!). Most new year plans fail because it becomes all work and no play and becomes too much, so make sure you add a little bit of fun to your bid to become a better person in 2017.

We hope these tips come in useful and assist you in your efforts. Remember that if you are studying in Exeter, Nottingham or Bristol this year, you can find a selection of luxury student accommodation right here at the Almero Student Mansions website, take a look around get in touch if you think one of our great locations could help you in your plan to have a 2017 to remember.