Balancing your study life with your personal life

Getting the right work life balance is something we all learn over time and our days at university are probably the first time we really have to deal with this conundrum.
It is important to point out, that no one ever perfects this and of course, this can change over time depending on our workloads and personal lives; but hopefully this feature will help you to get the most out of your time at University from both a social and academic perspective.

Key Things to Remember


The operative word throughout this article is definitely balance. You will hear some people telling you that you should make the most of your studies as they will shape the rest of your life; which to a certain extent is true. Others will be telling you that the friends you make at university will be your best friends for life, so you should make the most of your social activities which again, is definitely true to a point. However, finding that happy medium really is the key to ensuring you are happy and having the most fun you can before you enter the world of work and also making sure you leave university with the degree you deserve. Remember though that all the things you do outside of your studies contribute to your overall experience of the world; you will therefore import that back into your work to make your understanding richer. This is very much the case with the vast majority of degree courses. It’s all about the ideal study life balance.

Similar to Work Life Balance

Thankfully, learning the study life balance sets you up excellently for life in the real world. Most university courses demand around thirty to thirty-five hours a week of study, revision and lectures. This is much like a full-time job once you are qualified and working full time, so if you manage to master this balance when studying and socialising; you will be well set for an enjoyable and rewarding career. Our recommendation is to make sure you set out all the work you need to do at the start of the month, that way you can plan your all-important social calendar around your studies. If you plan this effectively, you will have more than enough time to enjoy things such as sport, recreation and socialising with your friends.

Range of Activities


It is also important to note that when we talk about work life balance, study life balance or any aspect of balancing your student lifestyle, we are not just referring to studying and partying. There are all sorts of other activities which can help you to unwind and feel suitably prepared for what can be a gruelling academic campaign at times.
As well as needing lots of sleep and relaxation when you aren’t in lectures or out on the town, it is also very prudent to get some exercise into your regime. Aside from the obvious benefits such as weight loss, this can really help you too stimulate your mind and also flush out any toxins you may have acquired from your late nights.
Thinking time and recreation are almost as important as the time you spend buried in text books and in seminars, so be sure to integrate this into your study life balance.

Avoid Procrastination

As a final point in our analysis of balancing your study life with your personal life, there is one top tip which our team all unanimously agree is crucial – and that is putting things off until the last minute. If you can get in the habit of completing your less enjoyable tasks straight away, then we are sure you will find more time to do the things you enjoy when you are at University. For example, it is only too easy to keep pushing back that important revision or dissertation research but if a friend’s birthday or sports social comes out the blue, then the next thing you know you could find yourself struggling for time, hungover and panicking about getting your work completed in time and to a sufficient standard.

Even by just making a start on these tasks, you can make life a lot easier for yourself and also able to enjoy trips to the gym or nights out that bit more enjoyable as you aren’t worried about that looming deadline. This is another skill that will translate itself perfectly from study life balance to work life balance and allow you to achieve everything you want to from life.