A Christmas guide for university students

December is here, and even the most bah humbug of us is starting to feel even just a little bit Christmassy.

After a year in which we have been proud to bring you a comprehensive range of student advice articles, city guides and academic advice; the time has come to lighten things up a little and indulge you all with the Almero Student Mansions festive guide for students in Bristol, Nottingham, Exeter and beyond!

Although Christmas should essentially be no different for students than it is for anyone else, your unique domestic and financial situation means that you may need to treat your Christmas break that little bit more cautiously. Therefore, we have put the following pointers together, so you can make the most of your Christmas gift shopping, wish list making and generally how to spend your days during your time off from university.

Christmas Activities for Students

Our main advice for students at Christmas is to spend your time with family and friends. Don’t be in too much of a rush to head back to campus. The temptation can often be to spend the festive period at home and head back to university for some partying, often in an area that has far more of the bright lights than your hometown.

Why not take this time to recharge before heading back, as 2018 will surely offer all the time in the world for student nights out and partying? You may well find yourself more energised and ready for your return to lectures and seminars if you spend Christmas relaxing, giving your brain and body a well-deserved break.

Christmas Gifts for Students

No Christmas guide would be complete without some advice on gifts. Whether it is gifts you wish to purchase for your friends and family or those that you could add to your list for Santa. The season of goodwill is of course made all the more enjoyable due to the giving and receiving of carefully selected presents.

So, what are the Christmas gift ideas that are making waves for 2018?

Tablets & Laptops

Students across the UK are always on the lookout for the latest technology. These days it is ever changing and it’s never too long before your latest gadget is out of date.

Therefore, a new tablet or laptop is guaranteed to be a present that will go down well amongst the student demographic. As well as being hugely advantageous for academic prowess, there are also the obvious benefits for personal tasks such as social media, finances and of course, catching up on Netflix!


It may sound like the most boring stocking filler in the history of time, but students are likely to be very appreciative of reading material at Christmas. Especially given how expensive these books can be when required during term time.

You could opt for the latest novel whether this be in digital or audio format, or just a conventional book. Look to see which textbooks or curricular materials your friend or loved one may require. Most students are pretty studious, so academia may not be the worst student Christmas gift idea you have ever had!

Silly Stocking Fillers

If you don’t have the budget for the latest iPad or laptop but not keen on buying books or academia at Christmas, then why not take the fun route and enjoy some of the silly stocking fillers? They can easily be purchased online and won’t break the bank! These types of gifts are perfect if you are taking part in a Secret Santa and always go down well on Christmas Day due to the hilarity that ensues.

There are lots of sites such as Prezzybox offering fun gift ideas ranging from Prosecco Pong to games like Snakes & Bladdered. These presents will not doubt come very handy throughout 2018 when they find themselves in student halls or digs.

Dietary Gifts

Finally, an excellent gift suggestion for students is a subscription to one of the growing number of snack box subscriptions. This present may be of interest to friends and family out there looking to ensure their loves ones are looking after themselves.

The likes of Graze offer daily deliveries of student-friendly snacks that will help to keep bodies and minds in top form during term time. As well as being very healthy, these are also tasty indeed making them an absolute winner.

We hope you have a great Christmas and have enjoyed reading our guide to Christmas for university students. Be sure to keep visiting the Almero blog throughout 2018 for more fantastic articles written just for students, like this one!