A Birmingham bucket list for students

Birmingham is a big and bustling city. There’s so much to do, see, and eat! We’ve rounded up the essential experiences for you to tick off and enjoy.

Curry. Of course.

It’s impossible to live in Birmingham without finding your best curry house. Head to the Balti Triangle and sample a few, then stake your allegiance and return regularly! Curry in Birmingham is an absolute institution, and totally delicious. Not to be missed!


If you’re living in Birmingham and don’t venture to Cadbury world then we don’t understand you! Dress it up as understanding the history and geography of the local area, if you like. Or be honest about the draw of discounted and exclusive ranges from Britain’s favourite chocolatier. Either way, Cadbury world is a dream. It’s also technically learning, as they explain the role of the company in the development of the city, though we doubt you’ll get university credit!

Beautiful buildings

It’s essential that you find a few hours to stroll around the famous Jewellery Quarter. It’s stuffed full of history and stunning architecture. There are plenty of walking tours you can join, or maps you can find online, and if that’s too much like lectures then just have a wander!

Pick a side. Watch a match.

Villa Park has been home to Aston Villa since 1897, so there’s plenty of history there too. Stadium tours are available, but for the ultimate experience go for a match! General sale tickets are available for some matches both there and at St Andrew’s.

If your heart doesn’t dictate an allegiance, where you live in the city might swing you towards Birmingham City or Aston Villa.

Canal quarter

If you’re already living in the city, you’ll know that it has more miles of canals than Venice. Likely family friends tell you every time they hear you’re based here! Still, they’re beautiful and fun for a day out, and an absolute must during your time here. This part of town isn’t just about the water, either. It has enjoyed recent redevelopment and is full of places to eat, shop and drink.


Birmingham offers museums, galleries and performance venues in all directions! If you’re into motorbikes, there’s a museum for that. If you love musicals, head to the Hippodrome. If you’re looking for a new arts experience, consider the Symphony Hall, and if you’re artistic you must visit the Custard Factory. Check out their websites in advance as many cultural spaces have student discounts, or free access, at particular times of the day or week.

The Shire

Go on and adventure! Explore beyond the city. If you’re using Almero’s student accommodation, you’ll enjoy excellent transport links, meaning it’s quick and easy for you to explore further afield. On a sunny day, pack a picnic and head to Moseley Boga. This is where J R Tolkien grew up, and this old millpond is said to have been the inspiration for the home of the hobbits! If you are staying at Beech Gardens, the Victorian waterworks are on your doorstep. These apparently inspired Sauron’s tower.

Load up your list and get exploring! Birmingham has so much to offer on all fronts, make sure you soak it all in while living here.