7 Reasons To Opt For Privately Managed Student Rooms

Are you weighing up your choices for student accommodation? English, journalism and philosophy students are soon to learn that in writing, it’s all about the rule of three. We, however, have struggled to limit ourselves to seven reasons we think Almero Student Mansions accommodation is a brilliant option. 

1. Save time 

Contrary to the unfair accusations that university is all daytime TV and the occasional lecture, most students run pretty packed schedules with a personal combination of learning, studying, sport, and societies. With all of that plus the social side, and suddenly time is a previous and limited resource!

Most of our private managed student rooms are located within close proximity to universities, for this very reason. Clydesdale House, for example, is near to both the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University. We also scout our sites to make sure that public transport networks are easily accessible, making it convenient for you to get to university and around the city.

2. Safety first 

Feeling secure and comfortable is absolutely essential for you to enjoy where you live. Our accommodation in Bristol and Manchester comes with CCTV that records 24 hours a day and a fob entry system for your security. Whether you're studying at home all day or coming home late from a night out with friends, you'll have peace of mind that only residents of the building can enter.

3. Connect

We’re sure you’ve heard parents, siblings or other relatives cite university as the time to find your friends for life. Things become clichés because of repetition; for many people this is the period when you’ll form the bonds that will last your adulthood. We’ve created the perfect spaces to socialise alongside our private managed student rooms to make this possible. Every Almero property offers the ideal environment to be part of a community, whether that means someone to cook with, a bevy of opponents for games night or just friendly familiar faces. 

4. Contemporary décor and furniture

Our buildings are purpose designed and built for university students. All of our privately managed rooms for students are newly refurbished, meaning no ancient plumbing or dubious wallpaper! We prioritise minimalist layouts, and always fit with beautiful contemporary furnishings. Our accommodation also features the little extras which we know make a difference, from flat screen TVs to spacious common rooms and modern laundry facilities.

5. Spaces to suit 

All of Almero Student Mansions accommodation offers comfort, confidence and choice. We know that people have different preferences and varying budgets, so we have created rooms to meet all needs. You can take your pick from a standard, large or twin room, and decide whether you’d like to live on your own or share a room. 

6. Squeaky clean 

Our Almero Student Mansions superheroes provide a weekly cleaning service and organise any maintenance required on your behalf, so that you don’t have to. We take care of the housekeeping, both literally and in terms of logistics, so that you can keep your focus on the next essay, assignment, or party! Simply report any issues and they will be addressed immediately by the building management.

7. Go green 

BREEAM, a worldwide environmental assessment system for building construction, has rated all of our accommodation “very good” in terms of being environmentally friendly. We’re proud to offer you a new home which you can enjoy guilt free, knowing we’re doing what we can to protect the planet’s future.

Limiting this list to seven was tricky, so if you have any hopes which we’ve not described above, please get in touch! Chances are we’ve got what you’re looking for, and we’re always interested to learn what matters most to the next intake of students.