7 facts that students should know about Leeds

Choosing where to go to university is likely to be one of the bigger decisions you make in life. But once you have made your decision, the onus is on students to get to know their new home sooner rather than later.

You are likely to spend at least three years in the town or city you are about to call home, so it makes sense to learn about the region in advance, so you can hit the ground running when you arrive. In the latest feature here at the Almero Student Mansions blog, we take a look at Leeds and the seven facts we think are integral as you start to learn about your new surroundings.

As one of our newest student locations, we think Leeds is right up there as one of the premier cities in the UK when it comes to student vibe and culture. So read on to find out why.

How Many People Live in Leeds?

The first vital fact about Leeds is its population. It makes sense to know the size of your new home town and Leeds is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK with a population of around 751,000. The metropolitan area of the city is also one of the biggest in the country, spreading fifteen miles from east to west and thirteen miles from north to south.

Leeds Student Population

Of this number 32,000 are thought to be students showing just how vibrant and populous the student community in Leeds is. With four institutions offering higher education including two of the country’s larger universities, it isn’t difficult to see why many see Leeds as one of the nation’s top student areas.

Leeds Student Medical Practice

Something all Leeds students should know is about the great medical facilities which are right on their doorstep. Unfortunately, it is almost inevitable that you will fall ill at some point during your studies, but the infrastructure at Leeds Student Medical Practice is such that when this does happen, you will be well looked after.

Formerly part of University of Leeds, the practice aims to deliver the very highest service and allows students to carry on with things with a great peace of mind in terms of their health. You can visit the site here, but we recommend you register as soon as you arrive to study your degree in Leeds.

Student Storage in Leeds

As students who tend to enjoy the finer things in life, the chances are you have accumulated and will continue to do so, a fair amount of property. As you look to move out of halls and perhaps into some our great accommodation in Leeds, the chances are you will need some storage for some of the items you don’t want cluttering your space up.

Should this be the case, there are a few options available to you. There are the following sites, for instance, all of which cater for student storage in the Leeds area.

There is also this excellent resource, which details the pros and cons of using storage when moving around the city of Leeds.

How Many Universities Are In Leeds?

If perhaps you haven’t arrived in Leeds yet and you’re currently researching the best place to go and study for your degree, you may be interested to learn that Leeds has plenty of options. As we have already alluded to, the city has four excellent higher education colleges and universities which between them, cater for pretty much any course you can imagine.

Just to recap, these universities are:

  • The University of Law, Leeds

  • University of Leeds

  • Leeds Beckett University

  • Leeds Trinity University

What Are The Best Student Bars in Leeds?

Leeds’ fantastic reputation is based largely on its friendly and student friendly atmosphere. This is the case particularly when it comes to student nights out and the bars available. Listing them all is deserving of its own feature really but you may want to start off at the following great venues.

  • Wire

  • The Warehouse

  • Mint Club

You will be able to find out lots more about Leeds great social scene and the best places to go for a great night out at your Student Union.

What Is The Best Student Accommodation In Leeds

We’re bound to say this, now aren’t we? But it all depends what you are looking for. If you are after some student accommodation right in the heart of Leeds then we highly recommend you take a look at our selection of premium residences here at Almero Student Mansions.

Our properties are brand new and as our current residents will attest to, we cut no corners when looking to provide the ultimate student experience, with no expense spared. Don’t just take our word for it though, explore our Leeds student accommodation right here.