7 Everyday Life Hacks Every Student Should Know

University is a time for learning new things both in lectures and in life! Not everything needs to be learnt the hard way, though. We’ve rounded up some top tips from students about the shortcuts they take to make life easier. Read now, and thank us later…

Ironing needn’t be irritating!

Whether you’re a pro or new to it, ironing is time consuming and not all student accommodation will have boards or irons included. Luckily, you can get your clothes ready while you prep for a night out without lifting a finger! When having a hot shower, just hang your clothes in the bathroom with you and make sure windows and door are closed. The steam will help all of the creases fall out in around five minutes!

Fridge but fancy

Lots of student housing involve shared kitchens. When allocated just one shelf of the fridge, it can be hard to keep your groceries in order. Did you stock up on stationery? Great. Dig out a bulldog or binder clip and attach it to the bars of your fridge shelf, with the central section facing up and the wings down into the space below. This will create a divider, allowing you to stack bottles to one side of it, and use the full height of each shelf. You will fit way more in, keep your drinks cold and ensure everyone sharing your student housing is happy!

Microwave magnate

Are you ready to be the most popular cook in your student house kitchen? Much student accommodation is self-catering, and many students are busy. This can mean long queues for the microwave. However, if two of you are heating anything in a bowl, put a mug on one side of the microwave plate and you can balance a second bowl on top of it. By using the height of the appliance, you and a housemate can share the energy bill and both eat at the same time.

Plus, we’ve a tip for pizza in the microwave too. When reheating your slice, put a glass containing an inch or two of water in with it. This will stop the toppings from drying out whilst keeping the crust crunchy. 

Keyboard crumbs

We’re all guilty of eating over our laptops, whether it’s motivational snacks at the library or dinner over the keys when you’re typing to deadline. Post it notes are your best friend. Just peel one off and swipe it between the rows of letters. It will pick up crumbs, dust and specks of dirt ensuring your laptop is a little less of a health hazard!

Sweaty shoes

With more students than ever prioritising their fitness, that means more gym kit to wash and sports shoes to live with! If your trainers are starting to smell, pop a dry tea bag in them. This will help absorb the odours, and also wick some of the moisture away.

Study stains

If you still like to take lecture notes with pen and paper, an ink stain will happen at some point. Whether a pen explodes in your bag onto that spare shirt, or you just get inky fingers on your sleeve, it’s easy to fix. Soak the stained fabric in a small amount of milk for fifteen minutes. Then discard the inky milk, wash clothing on a normal cycle with detergent and it should be good as new!

Toilet transformation

Student living can sometimes mean shared bathrooms. If you’re struggling with odours, try a can of Coke. Odd though it sounds, the acid in Coca-Cola is great for cleaning pipes which can cut the smell, and the sugar will mask anything else in the air. It’s a cheap and sweet shortcut to a happier bathroom between cleans!

At Almero we do everything we can to make your life as straightforward as possible, so you can enjoy being a student. There’s no harm in having a few extra tricks up your (ink free) sleeve, though!