5 valuable things to take away from Fresher’s Week

Fresher’s week is a student’s first experience at university. After two years of intense exam stress, and gaining a place at your chosen university, finally getting there and letting loose for a week or so in your new home can be great fun. Although fresher’s week is typically viewed as a boozy affair, there are actually some valuable things you can take away from it as well. So, we have put together the five things you should be taking away from fresher’s week.

Get to know your campus

There is likely to be lots going on around your university during fresher’s week which is far more fun than checking out things as mundane as your launderette or library. But, it really is the best time to get to know your surroundings. Once term starts properly you will be thrust straight into your studies, and if you haven’t familiarised yourself with your campus, you will be on the backfoot from the get-go. You can make this a bit of a bonding exercise with your new housemates or pals from your halls of residence to make it a bit less boring.


Fresher's Fairs

University fresher’s fairs are designed to help you get to grips with your new surroundings, so don’t waste them. As takeaways from fresher’s week go, these fairs are probably the most useful as you can find out about all the societies you can join, the up and coming events, student discounts and even meet the lovely folk at your respective student union. If you have a specific extracurricular interest you wish to pursue at university, then fresher’s fairs are the best way to find out how to get involved. These fairs can be pretty hectic, but we suggest you check them out if only for a day as you could miss out on some much-needed freebies and ultimately, information about your campus or degree course.

Student life

Once the boring bits are all sorted, you can get on with what is one of the main reasons fresher’s week exists, getting to know people. Whether this is your new lecturers, course mates or simply the people who will be frequenting your SU Bar, this is the time to learn about your fellow students. So, don’t spend the week sitting in your halls of residence, get out and about and soak yourself in the atmosphere. Once your studies start you will have far less time for this, so be sure to take full advantage of fresher’s week and the fact you have at least seven days to do pretty much as you please.

Financial control

Another great lesson students often learn during fresher’s week is how to manage their money, which is crucial to living effectively during your time at university. Your student loan may well not drop as soon as fresher’s week starts. For many it may not be until it is coming to an end. So, be sure not to turn up empty handed prepare to start managing your finance and making sure it lasts until your second semester. Fresher’s week and the fairs or sessions your university puts on will teach you a lot about the financial control that is needed to get through your studies successfully.

Have some fun

Finally, make sure you have a great time. Be sure get these all sorted so you can go and have fun with the peace of mind that you have your affairs in order. Once you do, you should go for it and have as much fun during fresher’s week as possible. This will help you to make great friends and absorb yourself into your new community.


These are our five top things to take away from fresher’s week and we are sure that your university will have much more for you to consider. We hope they are of help to you and be sure to check out the rest of our great student guides for more information on how to enjoy your time at university, particularly in Bristol, Exeter and Nottingham!