5 things to do in your first two weeks in student accommodation

5 things to do in your first two weeks in student accommodation


So, you’ve moved into your student housing, met your new flatmates and unpacked everything into your new room. Now you’re wondering what to do and where to go and luckily for you we have all the answers here!


1.       Host a games or movie night with your new flatmates.

It's the perfect ice breaker and a great way to get to know them. It could be a movie marathon where you all pick a favourite film and watch a different one each day, throw in some favourite snacks too.


2.       Discover affordable grocery shops in the area.

Trust us, when you're food shopping on a student budget this is an important thing to factor in. A helpful feature at Almero Oxford is that Aldi is only a 7-minute walk away from us.


3.       The Oxford Brookes Freshers Fair is an unmissable experience

Keep an eye on your university's social accounts and website to find out what’s planned and when it starts because everyone loves freebies! Take your flatmates along and it’ll be a great insight into getting to know your new university and find out first-hand some of the best places around to visit.


4.       Be prepared and go over your course schedule

This will help to make sure you are totally prepared because there is nothing more embarrassing than being late on your first day! Make sure to put all your lectures and seminars in your calendar and set alarms, also picking up a bit of extra reading around modules before your classes start can only help you out in the long run and sets a good habit.


5.       An important part of student living is to explore and get to know the city before uni officially starts.

During the day, check out the high street and other places around your student accommodation to get to know the areas you will be going to. This will help you feel safer walking around the city after nights out and lessens the chances of getting lost in a new city.