5 things to tick off your 2020 summer to-do-list

We all have that basic maintenance checklist which never seems to get any shorter, and why
would it when you could be out with friends, at the pub or enjoying the spring sunshine?

The reality is that with limited socialising possible until there is a vaccine for COVID-19, we’re
quickly running out of excuses! So, let’s tackle it together and perhaps throw in a few DIY projects to keep it interesting!

Luckily we offer modern student accommodation so any maintenance required should be minimal! For answers to simple questions, you can refer to our basic maintenance tips & checklists page, which has helpful advice for issues like appliances tripping the electrics, fire alarms going off and what to do if your oven isn’t working.

In this blog post, we’ll focus on a few things in addition to that list:

Spring cleaning

Roll up your sleeves, stock up on basic cleaning products, and give your student flat some good old-fashioned TLC:
- Start by dusting all surfaces – from light fittings to blinds to boxes stashed away in a corner.
- Then move furniture to clean those hard-to-reach spots we always plan to do next time, but
never actually get to.
- Empty and wash out dustbins, remove hair clogging drains and scrub any surfaces that
have a build-up of grime.

Deep clean your kitchen

Instead of the usual quick wipe over surfaces, degrease your oven, get rid of the crumbs in the toaster, wipe down the fridge and wipe any sticky bottles or jars.

Clear out your cupboards

Empty all of your cupboards and drawers, wipe down the shelves and get rid of anything surplus. If it has been gathering dust, is past its expiry date or is unlikely to ever make its way into a meal it shouldn’t be in the kitchen. The same goes for that bottom drawer where you just shove things that
don’t have anywhere else to go. Decide if you will ever actually use that avocado destoner, and if not, donate or chuck things out! Also skim through our Almero Student Mansions new house checklist to make sure you have all of the basics that will make life easier as a student.

Reinvent your bedroom

Treat yourself to a new set of linen or attractive scatter cushions. Then, before you add them to your bed, strip it down, wash your mattress cover, vacuum the top and sides of your mattress, and then flip it over so that it wears evenly.
Next move on to your cupboards. If your clothes are heaped in piles or crammed in to drawers, challenge yourself to go through each and every item and make three piles: keep, give away, chuck. Only keep things you love or need.

Try some DIY décor

Whether it’s a fresh vase of flowers, printing photos to frame, or restyling your shelves, little changes can make the world of difference. Spend a bit of time browsing through Pinterest or a home décor magazine to get some  inspiration and ideas. House Beautiful has 27 great ideas to try… please post a comment and let us know which one you embark upon!

So whether it’s basic maintenance checklist tasks, spring cleaning or nesting that you’re keeping busy with… make sure you balance it out with some productive study time, which you can read up on in our blog post titled Spending lockdown studying in a student flat? Here are 10 tips to stay sane.