Our 5-minute checklist to finding your perfect Manchester student accommodation.

Manchester is a bustling city, with student accomodation options all over the city. There are student houses, halls of residence, and student flats to suit all tastes and budgets. With so much on offer, how can you find the perfect space for you? We’ve put together a 5-minute checklist to help you work out what you’re looking for, and find the perfect house, hall or apartment.


  1. How will you get around?

What do you need to be close to? Think about all aspects of your life, not just lectures, tutorials or labs. Are you likely to be studying at home, or do you need quick access to the library? Will you be playing sport regularly? Is being within walking distance of a gym important to you? Look at public transport hubs as well as distances to walk or taxi.


  1. Do you feel at home?

Manchester student accomodation is all over the city, and it’s a diverse city! Look at the street your prospective student housing is on, and then go for a walk around the area. Does the neighbourhood feel safe? Does it feel student friendly? Hunt out your nearest spots for food shopping, but also look for somewhere to meet a friend for a reasonable lunch, somewhere to get some work done over a coffee, and somewhere to nip out for a drink. Get a sense of the vibe and check you’d be comfortable there at all times of the day and night. In short, does it feel like somewhere you want to be?


  1. What’s nearby?

If you lived there, where could you eat? Which restaurants or cafés will deliver when you’re drowning under assignments and essays?

Where is it in relation to Manchester’s nightlife? Whether your socialising takes place in bars, jazz clubs, theatres, poetry slams, flamenco nights or anything else, are they accessible?

Manchester is full of things to do in the daytime, too. Where are you in relation to attractions and amenities?


  1. Who do you want around?

You know yourself by now, are you naturally introverted or extroverted? Does time alone restore you or fill you with dread? Be honest with what you need to be happy and productive, whether that’s people or solitude. There are student accomodation options with strangers, chosen housemates, or neither.


  1. How much do you have to spend?

Look at the cost of the student house, flat, or halls, but hunt out any extra costs too. In student houses and apartment there are bills to be split. How will you do this, and what can you afford? Build in the money to your budget, and your ideas of what is fair to your housemates before signing on the dotted line! (A bonus of renting property from Almero Student Mansions is that all utility bills are included in the rent.)


We’re confident there’s Manchester student accommodation to suit everyone. It’s worth taking your time to think carefully and research the options available. If you think student apartments with a touch of luxury and an eye on convenience might suit, get in touch with our team and they’ll happily talk you through what we have to offer.