5 ideas for what to do after university

There is currently a lot of talk online regarding the fact that examinations are drawing to a close across the UK, and many can look forward to getting their results and planning for what comes next. However, with all the changes to fees, the unstable economy, and most recently Brexit, there is no clear path for graduates to follow anymore. This is both frustrating and a blessing in disguise as there is now more freedom than ever before. Graduates are free to do anything and go anywhere, with no preconceptions of what is “right”. With this in mind, the Almero team has rounded up June’s collection of articles with a list of 5 ideas about what you can do, and where you can go after university.


Take a Holiday

After a long period of study, why don’t you take a holiday? This doesn’t sound as scary as it sounds, despite the worry that employers will look at it as a failing. While there is always this underlying fear, visiting a new country, travelling, or even picking up a pub job in another country will give you a break, and you will also something to talk about to employers. Make sure you put it on your CV, and keep in mind some interesting learnings to mention from your travels. Do this, and you definitely you won’t be penalised for your trip abroad!

Don't give up

If things haven’t gone quite right, or you're lamenting the loss of your university freedom, don’t despair. Speak to your tutors and careers advisors to see what they recommend. There will always be a solution to your problem, you just have to find it. There is still a strong chance you can achieve the career you wanted, it just may take some manoeuvring and effort.

Use the internet

If you didn’t manage to get into the graduate scheme or the job you were hoping for, start searching for alternative paths. The internet could open doors you never thought were possible, so don’t be scared to consider something a little bit different. Research and apply for internships to see if you like the job (even if they are unpaid this could still be financially viable – particularly if they are online). Just ensure that you leave if you don’t like it, or you may find yourself wasting your time on a company that doesn’t pay you. We recommend indeed.co.uk for both paid and unpaid positions.

You could also visit people per hour to gain some experience. You won’t make very much money at first, however you will gain a great skillset, make contacts and have something to add to your C.V. The internet is your best friend, so keep browsing and you will find something of use.



Work with a charity

There are many charities available for you to join, and work for. This will keep you busy, and give you some great experience. Here is a list of some of the more famous charities which you could join:


Guide Dogs

Project’s Abroad

ISV Volunteers


Sell some stuff

You can make a lot of money online by selling old clothes, and furniture. So while you are searching for something to do, gather all your old university stuff and decide whether you want to keep it. You’ll be surprised what people will pay for.

Here are a few apps that may help you find somewhere to sell your things:

Carrousell – Android & IOS

Gone – Sell your electronics

Vinted – Sell your clothes

The Almero team wish you great success come results day, and hope that this has helped to give you some ideas about what you would like to try, either now, or when you graduate.