5 Boredom-Killing Activities To Enjoy In Leeds | Almero

To build lasting bonds with the flatmates in your Leeds student accommodation, why not find something new to experience together? Sharing a memorable experience is a far stronger way to form friendships than another night out, and far better for your social media following too. That’s why we’ve put together five suggestions which might not be immediately obvious when looking at the city.

  1. You may well have discovered MEATliquor already. In Leeds, though, their infamous burgers isn’t their only claim to fame. On the top floor of the Bank Street premises is Press Start Gaming Zone - a vintage gaming café! Perfect for dates or mates, grab an opponent, one of their 15 retro consoles and some drinks from the downstairs menu.

  1. Roxy has three sites in the city centre, with the furthest site being just over a kilometre’s walk away from the university, so there’s bound to be one near your Leeds university accommodation. They’ve got something for everyone and beers for all! With bowling, mini golf, ping pong and pool, you’ll soon establish the reigning champ of your student house. Why not try something new like shuffleboard while you’re there? Tables can also be booked for beer pong.


  1. Leeds has plenty of stunning buildings, but have you ever wondered if all that history could lead to some haunting? If you’re into the supernatural, or just looking for an unforgettable evening, join Simply Ghost Nights. They offer ghost hunting nights in three landmark spooky buildings. These interactive evenings involve games, activities, and maybe even some ghouls…


  1. You can learn a lot about someone based on how they feel about penguins. To test this theory, grab your housemates and head to Lotherton Wildlife World. There, without leaving Leeds, you can meet flamingos, tapirs, and most importantly a colony of penguins. We bet you didn’t see that on the Leeds Prospective Student Open Day!

  1. We bet you’re familiar with the parks of Leeds, and services for all like libraries and leisure facilities. Did you know there’s also a public darkroom though? They run courses to get you taking better pictures, and competent in developing them yourself. Then from £5 a month you can use the space whenever you wish to create your own prints!


Happy student houses are all about compromise and companionship. Make time to explore the city together, and find fun things to experience as a group. You’ll cherish the memories, have some great photos to print and stick on the fridge, and always be glad that your student house felt like a home!