Four reasons a degree is totally worth the effort

As you begin to negotiate what is left of the winter and head towards a busy period of coursework, revision and exams; many students across the United Kingdom may well be wondering if all this hard work is worth it. Although this is perfectly natural, especially when the weather outside is far from inspiring and the summer break seems a long, long way off.

However, we can assure you that all the hard work is absolutely worth it and spring is sure to add a spring to your step sooner rather than later. So, if you are sat in your library or bedroom in despair wondering if choosing to study your degree was the right decision after all, we encourage you to read on.

The Benefits of a Degree


You will often hear people saying these days, that a degree is not worth it. Whether it is the financial burden, the time you need to sacrifice or the perceived lack of merit a degree qualifications now holds, these people are simply wrong. Admittedly, there are extremely famous and successful individuals out there who have no degree but their chosen path still required hard work and effort. Depending on which sector you are intending to enter when you finish your course, a degree is still the single and most important way for you to demonstrate your talent. There are all sorts of benefits to a degree, but the most significant ones are certainly;

Quality of Jobs – It is a statistical fact that graduates enjoy a better quality of job opportunity than those who aren’t qualified.

Influence – Again, this will be entirely dependent on the course and profession you wish to pursue, but graduates are always more influential in their community and indeed, their place of work.

Attitude – Individuals who have gone to University and gained a degree always show more positive attitudes towards concepts such as diversity, gender and equality. This may be due to the university experience, their course or most likely; a mix of both.

Confidence – Achieving a good degree empowers individuals to be confident in everything they do, especially when entering their profession.

Staying Motivated


An unfortunate side effect of asking yourself the above questions and becoming a bit down in the dumps during the winter months at university, is struggling to stay motivated.
If you are questioning whether or not you should be doing a degree, then the likelihood is that you aren’t finding it incredibly easy to knuckle down and study. There are some things you can do to boost your degree motivation and ensure your grades don’t suffer as the result of this minor setback. Of course, you need to take our advice and assure yourself that you do need a degree and you should be pursuing further education. Once you do then follow these steps and you will find you are back into your groove in no time at all:

Create Some Space – Don’t try to study in busy rooms or pubs. If your mates are playing PlayStation or watching the Kardashians, then why not chill in your room or the library for a while. If you are struggling to get motivated to study, then these distractions are extremely unlikely to help.

Create A Schedule – As boring as it may sound, you may get yourself in the mood to study again by putting together a bit of a plan. At the moment, all the work you need to do may seem really daunting and even impossible, but it won’t be. Take some time to set out everything you need to do with some achievable goals and you may just feel a pang of motivation to study.

Reward Yourself – Now, from all this advice it may seem like we are telling you to just crack on and study and do nothing else but this actually couldn’t be further from the truth. Once you have got back into the stride of things, you should rewards yourself with some nights out with your course mates. Not only will this help you to rediscover why you chose your course in the first place, it will allow you to enjoy your time at university again and confirm that you made the right decision getting university qualifications.

We know from experience that keeping your degree motivation going for three years at least is no mean feat. It can be a hard graft at times but it will always be worth it whether this be due to the friends you meet, the degree you end up with or perhaps some other doors that can open when you are young. If you are still unsure, then you can always speak to the careers advisors at your college or university who will be able to give you even more information on the matter.