3 easy breakfast ideas to get you through lectures

Despite being regarded as the most important meal of the day by many, breakfast is neglected by students across the UK, for a number of reasons. Late nights, early lectures, hangovers or even financial struggles can lead many to miss this vital meal and end up paying the price later in the day.

As we have discussed many times before here at Almero Student Mansions, looking after oneself at university is absolutely crucial to academic success and your overall wellbeing. It doesn’t therefore take a rocket scientist to realise that breakfast for students is something that should be taken seriously.

Almero’s Easy Breakfast Ideas

With this in mind, we have come up with a selection of great breakfast ideas for you to peruse, all three of which suit a student’s lifestyle, budget and palate perfectly. These easy breakfasts will not only leave you feeling satisfied as you head out for a hard day of lectures and seminars, but also give your grey matter all the support it needs to help you excel.


Pancakes are of course more popular across the pond, but there is a very good reason for this. They are incredibly quick and easy to make, thrifty and more crucially, tasty! You can whip up a pancake batter in a couple of minutes and have them cooked in not much more, then all you need to do is dress in your favourite toppings or condiments.

The beauty of this student breakfast idea is that you can choose whatever you like, sweet or savoury, and be out of the house in little more than ten minutes feeling pretty satisfied.

For those who don’t know, a pancake batter simply consists of 100 grams of flour, 2 eggs, a cup of milk, and a pinch of salt. To prepare, just get a non-stick pan as hot as you can, grease with a little oil and pour on your batter for perfect pancakes every time. For those who like their pancakes more American style and therefore thick, just make your batter that little bit more robust.

We recommend some brainfood with your pancakes such as fresh fruit or vegetables, but you are also welcome to douse with Nutella or syrup if your heart so desires.


Another of the more popular student breakfast ideas, are omelettes. These can be whipped up in a matter of minutes if you know which ingredients you are going for, and are jam packed with protein which is vital to any balanced diet.

The great thing about omelettes when it comes to breakfast for students is that you really can add what you like, meaning they are perfect for vegans, vegetarians or the most ravenous of carnivores too.

We would suggest something along the lines of bacon and spinach as this gives you much needed vitamin B2 as well as a meat fix for those who need it and is a classic flavour combination. But the culinary world really is your oyster with omelettes, and you can make and eat your breakfast in no time at all, sending you on your way full and feeling pretty healthy too.

We recommend getting your non-stick pan hot before frying off your chosen omelette fillings with a knob of butter or some vegetable oil. Whilst they are browning, mix 2 or 3 eggs together and add your seasoning and the smallest amount of milk (or water) and add them to the pan.

You will then see your omelette taking shape and start to pull in the sides until you can start to see things taking shape underneath. When this is nearly done, add some cheese before putting under a hot grill for 1-2 minutes to finish off – this should give you the perfect student breakfast.

French Toast

Finally, a good compromise between eggs and toast can be French Toast. By soaking your bread in your eggs and cooking before heading out the door with your sandwich in-hand, you can save a great deal of time and get all the nutrients you need for the most gruelling of days on campus.

The secret to great French Toast is to ensure that you can put cinnamon and a small amount of vanilla essence (or even the real thing) in your mixture before mixing thoroughly. Then just soak your bread of choice (sourdough is all the rage these days) before adding to a nice hot pan with some butter and cook to taste.

Much like our other suggestions, you can eat with fruit for a natural boost or add some more indulgent fillings if you are feeling extravagant and keep hunger at bay until lunchtime at the very least.

These three breakfast choices for the modern student are bound to get you through your lectures, particularly those at the start of a long day and if you follow our instructions to the tee, we think you will find them ever so tasty too.

Ensuring you have a good breakfast every day will guarantee you feel great when heading into your lectures and also your exams, so why not give our recommendations a try sooner rather than later?