3 apps every student should have in their arsenal

There can little doubt about it, we are living in the age of the app and they have become vital to all our lives, not least the student demographic.

The problem with this is that the App Store, Google Play or any other application marketplace we may utilise, have become saturated making it rather hard to choose the best for your needs.

We take a look at the top three apps we think every student should have in their arsenal in order to help with their studies and also day to day life.

The team here at Almero Student Mansions has been working alongside students for years and we have come to be somewhat expert at highlighting the latest trends and best advice for anyone studying in Nottingham, Exeter, Bristol or even beyond!

What Are The Best Apps For Students?

When looking for the best recommended applications for your phone or tablet, it makes sense to start with study apps.

This is, of course, why you are at university and with the latest advanced technology has made the range and quality of the apps you currently have access to far superior to those who have gone before you.

So, which is the best study app currently available?



Office Lens

Having sifted through the hundreds of apps currently available on Apple and Android, we strongly recommend you take a look at Office Lens.

This app will come much to the chagrin of previous students who most probably spend hours and hours scribbling down lecture and seminar notes, using dictaphones and maybe even having to share their notes with peers and colleagues.

Office Lens makes photographing whiteboards, blackboards, OHP or wherever these notes have been written incredible easy and has changed the face of lectures forever. Students can now spend more time digesting the information their lecturers are delivering and interacting with their class, rather than worrying if they have all the notes down correctly.

These notes can then be easily saved onto your cloud or hard drive of choice and converted into your preferred format so you can share and store until you need to refer to them. An absolute game changer!

Aside from lecture and seminar aids, apps can also be incredibly useful for planning your academic and even social lives when at university.

This can be one of the big challenges when studying for your degree and sometimes even a reason for not achieving the grades you deserve, so these apps can actually mean the difference between a good and a great degree qualification.

Our pick as the best student planner app is the aptly named, Timetable.

Business Man Speaking

Timetable for Android

The timetable has been designed for high school and university students alike, combining a clean and intuitive interface with some really useful features.  This Android app will not eat up loads of memory on your device and you can easily add all of your study sessions, lectures and seminars and set up alerts, and notifications so you are always in control of your schedule.

A close second for us was a similar app for iOS users called Class Timetable, but Timetable has to be our preference due to how easy it is to use and the ease on the eye of this regularly updated application.

Finally, in our quest to find the best education apps for students, we decided to cover a finance application as this can often be the other area individuals needs some assistance when at university.

Mobile Pocket

And, instead of bringing you a boring banking or balance app, we discovered a great app available for both Android and iOS which will ensure you never miss a single loyalty point during your whole time at university.

Mobile Pocket Loyalty Cards allows you to store all your cards in one app, so no matter where you are and what you are buying you can add your points and guarantee you get all the bonuses you deserve via your student loyalty schemes.

The creators say that this will save you at least £100 during your degree, which could be spent on all sort making it well worth the 10 minutes it takes to set it all up

Between Mobile Pocket, Timetable and Office Lens, we think you can get a real advantage at university and really harness the power of today’s education apps for all your devices. Please do give them a go and we would love to hear about your experiences.

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