10 ways to find the perfect student accommodation in Nottingham

1.Have the perfect housemates

Would you rather live in a massive mansion the same size as Wollaton Hall (AKA Batman’s house) or would you want your Nottingham University student accommodation to be a normal house with people you like hanging out with the most?

If you are like me who would choose the latter, you know how important it is to have good housemates. Having good companions at home can make your house 10 times better. A movie night, Sunday roast, late night partying or revision would not be as fun if you do not have them around you.

Tip: Even though having roommates can be fun don’t rush in with just anyone, make sure you get on with them by going out for a drink before signing anything.

Student accommodation in Nottingham


2. Choose the area that you like the most

Lenton, Radford or even the city centre. Each of these neighbourhoods have their unique traits. It is worth thinking about what you are looking to get with your student accommodation.

Lenton is the student accommodation hub of Nottingham. The majority of the students live there, it’s close to uni and also has easy access to the city centre. Not to mention all the student-friendly pubs and the famous Savoy cinema right next door.  

Savoy Cinema

Radford is very similar to Lenton but further north and does not have as big a student population. If you don’t mind living slightly further away from uni and the city centre for cheaper rent then Radford is your choice.

Choosing to live in the city centre definitely has its perks. Living right there means no more taxis home after a night out. Your house might be the most popular sleepover place among your uni friends but at the same time you have to travel further to the campus and the rent is not as cheap as the student area.



3. Be smart, do your research

Finding the perfect student accommodation might be tricky since it is probably your first time house hunting. But don’t worry it’s not rocket science. It is a bit like choosing a uni back in A level. It takes time and consideration. Familiarise yourself online with the process to find you and your housemate legitimate student housing. Make sure you view the house before you agree to move into it, sometimes your housemate’s standard of a good house might be completely different than yours.


Student housing tip: Don’t go through an estate agent, save money by signing up directly through the landlord. Companies like us at Almero Student Holdings are more then happy to facilitate direct requests.

finding Student accommodation in Nottingham


4. Word of mouth


Nothing is better than the good old fashion way of seeking wisdom from the “elders” or simply by word of mouth from your course mates. That is usually how you find some of the best deals for student accommodation.


Equally a lot of landlords, like us here at Almero, will offer referral fees to older students for any successful recommendations.  


5. Before you move into the house make agreements with your housemates not rules.

Rules are too inflexible and for some people rules are made for people to break. Make agreements instead, talk to your housemates about the things you want everyone to agree to, and just remember to be flexible.

find your best Student accommodation in Nottingham


6. Have someone in the house who knows how to read gas and water meters                                

Moving into a new house is scary and that is why you have to be extra careful and be smart at all times. Make sure you take gas and electricity meter readings when you move in (it sounds so grown up but hey you are an adult now!) because you might save a tonne by doing so.

find your best Student accommodation in Nottingham


7.Check all contracts and agreements before you sign

find your best Student accommodation in Nottingham

The contract will list some of the most important details about the property and your tenancy. Take your time before signing a contract because they are legally binding. Don’t forget to ask questions such as: will all the furniture be left in the house? Are all bills included? And how much notice you need to give if you leave?


8.Find student housing that is all bills included.

find your best Student accommodation in Nottingham

Even though I mentioned that it’s worth having someone in your group who can read the meters, those worries will all go away when you live in an all bills included house. Some landlords kindly offer rooms with a price that includes all bills. It can save you so much hassle. You don't have to check the meters, phone the utility companies to switch direct debits to your account or phone the internet company just to get it activated. You can lay back and enjoy living in your student accommodation knowing there are no bills to be worrying about.


9.Compare at least three properties before you make the decision

compare student accommodation

I know I said finding student accommodation in Nottingham is like applying for universities but this time remember you are choosing, they aren’t choosing you. To properties you are all A* candidates. Make sure you go to the “open days” and imagine yourself in the house, compare the price and location. Then may the best house win!    


10. House hunt in advance.  

Start looking in November since that is when most of the houses are available. Sign up to newsletters ahead of time and be alerted when houses start to become available. During your first term it’s already time to start thinking about where you want to live next year, all the good houses will be gone by the end of January after exams. Be prepared to move fast as you wouldn’t want to miss out on a house like this.

Student accommodation in Nottingham



Sounds like a lot of work? Why not live in a furnished Lenton student house covered by Unipol code in an all bills included price.

For more information on finding student accommodation in Nottingham click here.