10 ways to beat the student stress

If you are suffering from student anxiety or stress, then you are definitely not alone. Although your parents and maybe even your lecturers make out that students live the life of Riley, there is no denying it is a stressful time; especially if you are looking to break into one of the more competitive industries.

Being expected to juggle living away from home for the first time, a new job, the rigours of your degree and fitting into a whole new social scene should not be underestimated and sadly, not everyone managed to negotiate this successfully.

Thankfully, there are some proven ways to battle student stress and even eliminate it entirely, its actually not as difficult as it sounds.

The Almero team has duly put together our top ten tips for stress management in order to give you every chance of succeeding at all aspects of student life this term and of course beyond.


Everyone loves music of some description, and whether you have your finger on the pulse of modern pop and love your grime and garage, or a bit of a golden oldie and prefer some Sinatra or The Beatles, a good playlist could be the perfect way to raise your spirits.

There are playlists to lift your mood on the likes of Deezer and Spotify. Or you could make your own on mp3 or even YouTube, the choice is yours.

Stay Fit

We are sure you have heard it all before but staying in shape at university can have an incredible impact on your cognitive function and your wellbeing. The old adage of look good feel good really is true, and the endorphins you generate when working out are vital to dealing with stress.

The difficult bit is getting up and about but once you do, joining a gym and getting on the treadmill or bike or simply going for a run around your city can be ever so rewarding.

Cut Bad Habits

Although they can serve as relief at times, your bad habits could well be adding to your student anxiety in the long run. Whether you have a weakness for cigarettes, alcohol or perhaps sweet or fatty foods; there is a strong chance you could be exacerbating your student anxiety.

We aren’t saying you should cut these out altogether, as you should definitely be rewarding yourself. Especially when your studies get somewhat arduous, but as with all enjoyable things in life, moderation is crucial.

Get Your Eight Hours

If you’re struggling to deal with stress at university then ensuring you are getting a solid night’s sleep will do you wonders. This is advice you have most likely been getting from our parents for as long as you can remember, but it is even more crucial when you are away from home studying and most likely working long hours to subsidise your social life.

Everyone is different, but a good eight hours of interrupted sleep should ensure that you are at your best, and feeling as positive as you can about the challenges you are facing.

See The Bright Side of Life

It may seem easier said than done, but just stepping back and trying to see the positives can help you to really conquer your stress management. Money and study are important but although your lecturers will kill us for saying it, they aren’t the be all and end all; your mental health is far more important.

So, when things start to accumulate, and the student stress is building, take a step back and try to think about the things that are going well instead of those that aren’t.

You Are What You Eat

Tying in with staying fit and healthy, eating well at university is probably one of the key reasons some students become unwell. As lovely as pizzas and Chinese food are, they simply don’t provide the nutrients you need to stay focused at university and more crucially happy.

Swap the MSG and cheese for fruit and veg every now and again, and we predict you will start to find it a lot easier to deal with stress at university.

Get Spiritual

If you have been following all of these steps already but you just can’t shake that student anxiety, then why not try meditation? If you have done it before then you will know just how great it can be for clearing the cobwebs and if not, then why not make a positive change in your life? You just might be pleasantly surprised.

Take Breaks

One of the biggest reasons students become stressed and anxious is inevitably, study. Don’t forget to allow yourself break at critical times, even if you have a deadline looming or an examination just around the corner.

Although you may think this will be counter-productive, it could help you to relax and recharge your brain and ultimately, ensure you aren’t compounding your already high stress levels.

Animal Therapy

This tip is a bit leftfield and obviously not possible if you are in halls of resident, but tests have proven that humans are happier after interacting with pets. So, five minutes playing with a cat or stroking your dog could help to give you a mental lift.


Finally, remember to keep smiling and if you can, laughing too. The same endorphins that emanate from a good workout are created when you laugh and in the long term, more of these mean a happier you.

Surround yourself with happy, funny people who make you smile or even have your favourite comedy on when you are feeling low and you should feel better in no time at all.

Student stress is unfortunately inevitable at some point in your time at university, but we hope these ten tips will help you to battle it when the going gets tough.