10 essential apps for every student phone

  1. NHS App

    This little beauty lets you carry all of the medical information in your NHS health record, order repeat prescriptions, book appointments with your registered GP, register for organ donation and get advice on loads of conditions and treatments. It’s everything we love about the NHS at your fingertips! Remember you’ll need to register temporarily with a GP near your halls or private student accommodation. This is a must to download when living and studying in the UK.

  2. Forest

    This app is great for your productivity and our planet. When you sit down to begin a task, you plant a tree in your ‘forest.’ Leave the app open, and that tree continues growing for as long as you’re busy working away on that essay, research, or reading BUT as soon as you pick up your phone to do something else, the tree dies! The more you focus, the more trees you add to your forest, and the company even plants real trees around the globe!

  3. Tide

    One of the most beautiful efficiency apps available, Tide is about wellness and productivity in all areas of life. There are sleep, nap and meditation sections as well as lots of focus features for study. In particular, we love the personalised Pomodoro sessions it allows you to create. Perfect for encouraging chunks of learning, you can be reactive to how your brain works best. Halls and student house rentals can all be noisy, so it also has calming music, white noise and nature sounds to help you hone in on the work.

  4. Todoist

    This clever app is an elegant and streamlined solution to keeping on top of your tasks and your time. It allows you to break down projects or subjects into to do lists, create reminders, assign priorities to different tasks and projects, and schedule recurring tasks. It has amazing language recognition, so adding things to your list is really intuitive.

  5. Dictionary.com

    Available to use offline, this free app will help improve your essay vocabulary without allowing you to get distracted online. There’s an impressive thesaurus function, a ‘Word of the Day’ feature and of course endless support to pick and spell the appropriate word for every phrase.

  6. Monzo

    An app, and also a bank account, which we’d highly recommend. It allows you to split the bill with any other Monzo user, and funds are transferred instantly. The perfect solution for splitting bills between house mates. It also offers insights into where your money goes, so you can keep an eye on what % is going where. You can also create ‘pots’ for specific things, so if you set aside £50 for bills, you won’t be able to accidentally spend it before the right day of the month! Plus, it’s brilliant for travel. At Almero Student we make things even more straightforward with our all-inclusive pricing. This means no nasty surprises or extra financial stresses, ever.

    Visit Monzo to download the app

  7. EasyBib

    Sometimes it feels like finishing the essay is where the work begins, as now you must tackle the dreaded bibliography! This app takes all the stress and time out of it, by creating an academic reference for any book. You simply scan the barcode, and select your referencing style, and it will give you a footnote or bibliography entry in MLA, APA or Chicago. One less stress!

    Visit EasyBib to get started

  8. Safe Zone

    Many UK universities have partnered with Safe Zone. If yours is registered, we’d highly recommend downloading this today. With one touch, it connects you to your local response team or campus security if you need help, allows you to register a first aid alert and to raise an emergency alarm. It’s efficient and offers peace of mind in your pocket!

  9. Dragon Dictation

    This high spec app will convert voice to text, which you can then paste into emails, messages, notes, or save for later. It’s perfect for those who think best out loud, as it can capture all of your thoughts for later editing! Also brilliant for accessibility, dictation apps can really help those with dyslexia. Be sure to also check with your student support team to find out what they would recommend.

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  10. Supermarket reward cards

    Almost all supermarkets now offer digital reward cards, and many have in-app offers and discounts too. Whichever your local regular shop, it’s well worth signing up as you’d be surprised how quickly you gather points! These can be spent on anything – groceries the week you budgeted badly, or emergency presents for forgotten occasions.

    Get yours at Tesco, Sainsbury's & Co-op